What is the price about Hotel wholesale kitchenware and wholesale tableware

Hotel wholesale kitchenware,wholesale tableware£¬what is the price? Recommended answer: 1, the top 4 squat stove: above 4 fire tray (similar to the home gas stove) The following is the oven, the original imported about £¤ 22000 2, burdock fried Taiwan: dedicated wholesale frying pans Fried sirloin, fried plate thickness of 2-3cm, so the sirloin will not be put down because of temperature caused rapid cooling of the sirloin lead to blood loss of sirloin, the original import of about £¤ 18000 3, fryers: similar to McDonald's, KFC's kind of fryers, automatic heating, time, filtration and other modern equipment, imported about £¤ 25000 4.Sauce holding furnace: special tool for warming western sauce, about £¤12000 imported 5¡¢Three sinks are clean sinks, two sinks are working sinks, each about £¤2500 6, three working tables, chopping board, table, table each about £¤ 2500 7, disinfection cabinet 8. Gadget machines: cooking machine, juicer, coffee machine, microwave oven, holding furnace, water filter equipment,,, A five-star orthodox Western kitchen equipment about 30-50 million The above prices are from the network, for reference only

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