Park Lanes Bowl

Youth Bowlers

Looking for an organized, well structured youth activity? 

Park Lanes youth bowling is just for you! 

Every Saturday morning at 9:30am the youth take over the lanes. 

Beginner, intermediate or advanced. Bumper or regular. We have several coaches to assist our youth.

If you have questions or would like to sign up ... 

                                                        Please call our Youth Coordinator -Karen Spencer @ 815-877-6051

Park Lanes youth also have the opportunity to participate in several tournaments locally and once a year at the annual state tournament.

Many of the tournaments our youth participate in offer scholarship money for college.

One of the many benefits for all league bowlers at Park Lanes is becoming a V.I.B., Very Important Bowler, which allows:

v 50% Off Open Bowling

v 50% Off Shoe Rental

v 50% Off Party & Banquet Room Rental

v 10% Pro-Shop Discount (Balls & Shoes)

v Birthday Party & Company Party Discounts

v Family Bowling Package (up to 5 people)

1 ½ Hours Bowling, Shoes, Pizza - $29.00

We are proud of our outstanding youth program and are always looking for ways to make it better. We're committed to maintaining the best youth program in the county. 





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